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The Smart Coach


On which method is The Smartcoach based?

Sport-O-Top developed « The Smartcoach » on the basis of the latest scientific findings and more than twenty year’s experience in the areas of fitness and sports.  Many professionals already benefited from this experience: some were champions, or number two’s, or none of the above.  What they have in common is either the fact that they made progress and enjoyed working with Rudi De Cocq, or The Smartcoach, or a passion for sports and well-being.  For Rudi De Cocq, human relationships stand beyond techniques.  The Smartcoach is a tool which places the human being at the heart of coaching by using the new technologies.


How can you purchase a package?

  1. Before purchasing a package, it is necessary to register. Indeed, The Smartcoach will propose the packages adapted to you on the basis of your replies to the questionnaire.
  2. Packages and all the The Smartcoach services can be purchased with credit points called "Smart Credits". Smart Credits are prepaid credit points gathered in a credit point pack ("bundle"). Thanks to Smart Credits you do not have to get a long-term subscription.  Smart Credits enable you to pay only for what you have used.  The bigger the purchased bundle, the more the cost of your Smart Credit decreases. 
  3. When you have registered and validated your registration, and purchased one or several bundles through Ogone, you can order your package.
  4. When you have ordered your package, you get immediate access to the The Smartcoach services.

The Smartcoach: how does it work practically?

  1. The Smartcoach designs your training programme. After evaluating your physical condition, The Smartcoach will design your personalised training programme (also called e-Fitness) depending on your capacities (endurance, strength or speed) and your interests.
  2. The Smartcoach warns you by text message 1 hour before each session. Your « Personal e-coach » will accompany, advise and encourage you during each training session.
  3. After your session, you evaluate it, so that The Smartcoach can adjust your training programme. The originality of this approach is the follow-up and support given by « The Smartcoach » through the e-Coach, before and after your training session. At any time and place, you have access to your training programme and evaluation.  Your evaluation enables the e-Coach to adjust your next session. After about ten training sessions, you can follow your progress on your profile.

How long is a session?

Depending on your level and the progress made on your training programme, your training sessions will be between 25 to 70 minutes.

What happens if I stop a training session?

When you stop a training session or do not do one or several exercises, you will be able to let us know by completing the multiple choice questionnaire to indicate your evaluation or experience of the session.  This questionnaire is easy and quick to complete.  It only takes less than a minute.  There is also a free text zone for your comments.   The result of the form is directly sent to your Smartcoach who will then automatically adjust the level of your next session or contact you to better focus his findings, in order to provide the appropriate follow-up.

What happens if I want to change or stop a package?

Smart Credits allow you to pay only for what you have used.  Thanks to Smart Credits you do not have to get a long-term subscription.  When you stop a package, the Smart Credits that have not been used are credited on your account.  You can then choose a package better suited to you.  

What is the mission of The Smartcoach?

Coaching: " ... enable others to bounce back...". The Smartcoach helps you make progress.


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