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The Smart Coach

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The Smartcoach is the GPS of your physical condition

The Smartcoach evaluates your present physical condition 
You choose the objective you want to reach
The Smartcoach designs the best way to get there
The Smartcoach guides you along the way

In order to get advice from specialists, be advised by a professional coach professionnel and practice sport with friends, The Smartcoach offers you:

You've always wanted a tool which determines precisely the level of your physical condition, takes you to your desired level of performance and guides you step by step? Discover the GPS of your physical condition:

  • Training sessions which are adapted to your physical condition, age, gender, availability and your objectives to enhance your individual performance, directly accessible from your computer or your Smartphone!
  • A Personal online Coaching: remote support by your qualified professional coach;
  • Innovating tools to reach your objectives and follow your progress step by step, among which a tool to measure your level so that you know exactly where you stand;
  • A commitment that it will identify your progress areas and make you take a superior level, with the help of your online coach;
  • Special packages to prepare you for important sports events;
  • A health capital and physical condition guaranteed, at low prices;
  • A place to exchange and interast with your « Smart coach » and your friends in a large community of subscribers, coaches and professionals who will soon become friends and support you in your efforts.

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The Smartcoach: how does it work practically?

  1. The Smartcoach designs your training programme. After evaluating your physical condition, the Smartcoach will design your personalised training programme (also called e-Fitness) depending on your capacities (endurance, strength or speed) and your interests.
  2. The Smartcoach warns you by text message 1 hour before each session. Your « Personal e-coach » will accompany, advise and encourage you during each training session.
  3. After your session, you evaluate it, so that The Smartcoach can adjust your training programme. The originality of this approach is the follow-up and support given by « the Smartcoach » through the e-Coach, before and after your training session. At any time and place, you have access to your training programme and evaluation.  Your evaluation enables the e-Coach to adjust your next session. After about ten training sessions, you can follow your progress on your profile.

The Smartcoach, the simplest way to keep in shape

Discover the Smartcoach, a novel online coaching method  which will help you get back in shape quickly, reach your sports objectives or simply re-discover Well-Being. Wherever and whenever you want!


Recover your energy

Do you lack energy and the great shape you used to be in?  If so, you are just like thousands of people, reported by the WHO, whose physical condition has slowly deteriorated in time by lack of time for a physical activity. 


The Smartcoach, a simple and adapted fitness plan

The "the Smartcoach" website gives you the safest and most up-to-date way to develop your physical and mental condition by way of a personalised e-coaching approach, which combines technical skills and human connectivity.


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